Benefits of CBD for Pets

There’s no denying that CBD offers us humans plenty of benefits when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. As a pet parent, you want to be able to give your pet the chance of living a healthy life by giving them a good diet, plenty of exercise, and tons of love. 

However, explaining to your furry friend that a thunderstorm or the fireworks on Canada Day won’t hurt, isn’t quite easy. CBD products designed especially for pets can help them lead healthier lives both physically and mentally. 

As with any new trend, there is plenty of information floating around on the internet and it can be hard to weed out the facts from the fluff. Which is why we’ve put together this guide to CBD for pets that will answer any questions you may have. 

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant. This compound, unlike its better-known counterpart Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is not psychoactive. Basically, CBD doesn’t get you high. In fact, most CBD is derived from hemp or the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant.

Just like in humans, CBD bonds with your pet’s endocannabinoid system to balance processes like appetite, mood, sleep, memory, and pain, among others.

CBD for Pets

Difference between full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate:

There are three main types of CBD products for that you will find on the market. They are usually made from hemp which means they do not contain more than 0.3% of THC. Understanding the difference between these three types of products can help you make the right choice for your pet.

  • Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD is hemp extract that contains all the phytochemicals in the plant including a tiny amount (less than 0.3%) of THC, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and the anti-inflammatory flavonoids.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: Broad spectrum CBD which contains all of the above except the THC is completely removed.
  • CBD Isolate: As the name suggests, it contains only CBD and nothing else from the hemp plant.

The Status of CBD for Pets

As CBD for pets is relatively new in the world of veterinary care, there is not a lot of formal research that has been conducted on exactly how CBD works on animals. In fact, the United States FDA has only approved one CBD-containing drug, Epidiolex, for the treatment of epilepsy in humans – which means that vets may be able to prescribe it off-label.

However, just because research on the benefits of CBD pet tinctures is still ongoing, doesn’t mean they are ineffective. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that proves it works. A study on veterinarian’s attitudes toward CBD for pets found that more than 70% of the vets surveyed thought that CBD extracts did contribute to managing pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures in pets. Presently, vets can suggest using CBD tinctures for pets as supplements without the need for a prescription. 

CBD for Pets

How Does CBD benefit pets?

The right dosage of CBD tincture for your dogs and cats can offer multiple benefits to their mental and physical health including:

    • Seizures: Canine epilepsy is a common reason for seizures in dogs. A small study by the Colorado State University showed a significant reduction in the frequency of seizures in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy.
  • Osteoarthritis: CBD is well known for its pain-relieving properties. A study on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis showed that dogs receiving specific doses of CBD supplements twice a day were more active and seemed more comfortable than they did before the treatment started.
  • Skin Conditions: There is anecdotal evidence from a study on kenneled dogs that CBD supplements may have an antipruritic effect i.e., dogs seemed to scratch less when their diets included CBD.

Is CBD for Pets Safe?

While we are still exploring the number of different ways CBD can help our four-legged friends, it can definitely improve their quality of life – especially as they get older. The American Kennel Club’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein explains that giving your pets the proper dosage is key to ensuring the safety of your pets and avoiding conditions like dry mouth, lower blood pressure, and lethargy.

It’s also advisable to be cautious if your pet is on medication for liver problems or heart disease. Your vet will be able to advise you on this.

Choosing a CBD pet tincture and dosage:

There are plenty of CBD products for dogs and cats available on the market, so choosing the right product can get tricky. CBD tinctures that you mix in your pet’s food or treats that they consume are the most effective ways of making sure your furball gets his or her daily dose of CBD instead of topical applications. Look for products containing organic oils, this will make sure there aren’t any dangerous heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. Many companies are happy to provide you with a Certificate of Analysis. 

Look for THC levels of less than 0.3%. 

CBD tinctures also help you control the amount of CBD your pet consumes everyday.

A pet friendly flavour like chicken or fish can help the owners of finicky pets administer the doses. 

Full spectrum tinctures can ensure that your pets get all the benefits CBD has to offer.

Contrary to what you may think, the dosage can depend on a number of factors including your pet’s health, age, and tolerance to CBD. Your vet can recommend a dose to start with. It’s best to start low and slowly increase the dosage over time until you find a stable and effective dose.

And never – ever give your pet a CBD product made for humans without advice from your vet.

Pet Tincture – Full Spectrum CBD:

At Vitalita, we believe in taking care of the whole family, and for us, that includes all the furry buddies too which is why our CBD range includes a Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture so that you can help your best friend live a healthy, happy life. Apart from organic hemp seed oil, it also includes grapeseed oil which high in antioxidants, energizing MCT oil, and avocado oils packed with ingredients that are good for the heart.

Our pet tincture comes in CBD concentrations of 750mg and 1500mg along with neutral and fish flavours, so you can choose the product that suits your pet’s needs.

Remember if you’re ever in doubt – always consult a vet!

Get in touch with us to learn more.

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